WordPress auto update for plugins and themes

Last releases of WordPress now allow the core to be fully auto-updated without spending time in manual operations. The same is not valid for themes and plugins, in fact you have to manually add code to enable this very useful feature for them. Here you can find a simple plugin that do this for you. Download .

PHP Date

This PHP class let you manage dates, time intervals, timezone conversions and format conversions. Format supported are 3: – “db”  : yyyy-mm-dd – “ita” :  gg-mm-yyyy – “iso” : yyyy-mm-ddThh:MM:ss.000 This class contains also methods to use when your PHP installation is using 32bit integers and so you can fall in the “year 2038 bug”, now […]

PhalconPHP: SQL Server Connector

During the developing of a PhalconPHP based web application i had the necessity  (it was a project constraint) to use MS SQL Server as database. I started looking around the web and i jumped into this project, but using it i had some problem with pdo_sqlsrv driver and i had to create something (not so much) different. The result […]