PhalconPHP: SQL Server Connector

During the developing of a PhalconPHP based web application i had the necessity  (it was a project constraint) to use MS SQL Server as database.

I started looking around the web and i jumped into this project, but using it i had some problem with pdo_sqlsrv driver and i had to create something (not so much) different.

The result is a couple of classes heavily based on the original ones.


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  1. Hi there,

    I’ve been searching for an MSSQL adaptor for Phalcon for a while now, do you know what version of Phalcon your adaptor is compatible with? I was checking out the project you mentioned, however that version has not been updated to 2.0 yet 🙁


    1. the code is tested on PhalconPHP 1.3.x , i am working on a version, that will be released soon, compatible with PhalconPHP 2.0.x .

  2. is it phalcon framework 3.0 support mssql? please reply as soon as possible….

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