Polkit extra actions: run useful graphical applications as root on Slackware

During my daily programming activities i have to run, as root, some applications, even if i am logged in as a normal user, which make use of a gui (most of the times based on gtk) and this can be a problem using pkexec program-name due to the default policy of Polkit that disable support […]

Slackware64-current: GkSu-Polkit

If your system is running  Slackware64-current and you need to use   e GkSu here you can find the precompiled package gksu-polkit, which is gksu using  PolicyKit as backend. The packages doesn’t contain any other library or dependency, look for them in the official Slackware repository or  SlackBuilds. GkSu-Polkit packages is available (with other packages […]

WordPress Custom Mime Types

WordPress Media Library doesn’t allow you to upload any file you want, you are limited to a small set of types. With the plugin “WordPress Extra File Types” you extend the default list of file types adding more than 680 extensions, presented and selectable in a dedicated administration page found under “Settings” menu. Download . […]