Slackware: CentOS linux container

If you need to create a CentOS based linux container on your Slackware here you can find how i’ve made it. Before you start (re)compile your kernel including every config option needed to have lxc-checkconfig output “enable” in each line. (re)compile your kernel to add support for “networking bridge” update rpm package using the one […]

Dukto – Multiplatform AirDrop

If you are looking for a AirDrop multiplatform replacement you can give a chance to Dukto ! It offers: – multiplatform support (Windows, Linux, Mac OSX) – simple text quick exchange – simple clipboard contentquick exchange – simple filequick exchange (select you file or use drag&drop) – simple directoryquick exchange (select your directory or use drag&drop) The application can be used to […]