PHP: container for values and objects

Using the class  \Airaghi\Tools\Container it’s  possibile to share between your scripts (inside a single execution flow) values and objects reference without having to use global variables. The class has methods for: – saving and getting values – saving and getting objects references – deleting of values stored – deleting of stored references The code is available here.

PhalconPHP: alternative way to use Oracle11g

Develpoing a new website based on PhalconPHP i tried to use Oracle11g as database, but in the process i had some problem. Searching the web for solutions i read about some problem with the native Oracle PDO driver, so i tried “pdo-via-oci8” by Arjay Angeles . As done for MSSQL i tried to create an new Adapter and a new Dialect to let me use pdo-via-oci8 inside my PhalconPHP-based application. What …

Force using gtk3 when building software in systems with both gtk2 and gtk3

Do you have both gtk2 che gtk3 installed on your Slackware box and sometimes gtk3 based programs compilation fails because the building script can’t find the right version of the library? If the answer to the question is “Yes” maybe you can find a solution to your problem using the following trick.