Manage D-Link DCS-960L motion detection using rfid tokens

After having presented RFIDer and after having show you a simple shell script to control motion detecion of a D-Link DCS-960L, i want to describe how to merge those two programs in order to enable/disable motion detection using rfid tokens and a rfid reader.

As usually i’m using a RaspberryPI as a central unit.

Step 1: download rfider (see github page), copy the binary file rfider to /home/pi/ and make it executable.

Step 2: create file /home/pi/ , make it executable and paste into it the code shown in  the previous article about D-Link DCS-960L.

Step 3: create file file /home/pi/ , make it executable and paste into it the following code:

Remember to replace TOKEN1, TOKEN2 e TOKEN3 with your tokens id (my tokens have 10-digits code)

Step 4: look into directory /dev/input/by-id/ and get the device name related to your rfid reader

Step 5 : modify file /etc/rc.local adding before the line exit 0 the followin command:

Remember to replace DEVICE with the full path find in Step 4.

Step 6: Reboot you Raspberry.
Now you are ready to manage your camera’s motion detection using rfid tokens.

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