Install Mozilla Firefox portable on Linux

Installing an instance of Mozilla Firefox portable on Linux is pretty simple but this action could reserve you some trouble if you have to do it manually every time.

Because of this i created a very simple script which does the dirty job and can create a portable installation of this the browser. Supported Firefox versions, at the moment, are:

  • Mozilla Firefox standard (lastest release)
  • Mozilla Firefox ESR (latest release)

Here what you have to do:

  • download build-firefox-portable-0.2
  • unzip the file where you want (i suggest /tmp)
  • delete
  • go into the chosen directory (see second step)
  • inside a terminal execute
    • bash  (to get Mozilla Firefox standard)
    • bash esr  (to get Mozilla Firefox ESR)

The script will download the software and will generate a new directory containing your portable instance:

  • if you have chosen the standard release you get the new directory  /tmp/firefox-portable
  • if you haev chosen the ESR release you get the new directory /tmp/firefox-esr-portable

If you already have installed plugin IcedTea for your non-portable Mozilla Firefox the script will recognize it, adding it to the portable instance.


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