Skype4Slackware : a Skype packager for Slackware

Microsoft makes packages of “Skype For Linux” only in .deb and .rpm format.

If you want to use them on Slackware you have, every time, to download the file,  convert it into a native package and install it.

Can we execute this procedure using a tool that requires only to be launched ?
The answer is simple : YES.

See how to use Skype4Slackware.

Skype4Slackware is a very simple tool to use, when you run it it will download a .deb package, extract files from it and create a Slackware package ready to be installed.

Get and use the tool:

  • download the compresse file skype4slackware.gz
  • gunzip it
  • make file skype4slackware executeble
    • launch the script (as root)

As soon as the script stops you’ll find in /tmp/ a file called skypeforlinux-xxxx-x86_64-1airaghi.txz

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