Slackware: keep Gradle up-to-date

Using AndroidStudio to develop mobile apps requires you to always have an updated installation of  Gradle, doing so on a Slackware system could lead to quite a lot of manual work.

To help me in the process i created a small tool that on its own downloads and makes a Gradle Slackware package (thanks to these SlackBuilds).

To use this tool you only have to execute the script, wait for it to finish and the upgrade Gradle using the packages created.


  1. Download gradle-packager.tar.gz
  2. Uncompress it into a directory
  3. Set “execution perms” on file gradle.SlackBuild


  1. Enter into the directory containing the script
  2. Execute gradle.SlackBuild
  3. Wait …
  4. Upgrade Gradle using the package created

After having upgraded Gradle remember to delete, for every user on your system, all its previous cache files, see “How to delete Gradle cache files”.

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