Linux: get UPS remaining battery time

If you have a UPS connected to your Linux box maybe you need some simple way to get how much power is left in the batteries, i’ve written a simple tool to get this information (note: you need Nut to be installed, configured and running). #!/bin/bash# device to check using “nut” utilitiesUPSDEV=”usbups@localhost”# chars to be […]

openSuse: Apache modules management from shell

To manage Apache Httpd on openSuse we have the classic command a2enmod, shared with many other distros, which allows to: 1) know if a module is enabled, 2) enable a module and 3) disable a module. To extend what already present in a2enmod i have written a simple wrapper to a2enmod in order to have […]

Apache NetBeans – building and installation

NetBeans is now an Apache Foundation project, but (as of today) we lost the possibility to download a specific release (Java only, PHP, C/C++, …), the standard version available (release 9+) is only built with Java support. I have created a very simple script that build Apache NetBeans including support for various programming languages (PHP included), getting sources from […]

PHP – file encryption/decryption

To have some sort of privacy while sending/receiving messages (or files) using encryption is the first choice. Below you can find a very simple PHP web application that allows you to encrypt/decrypt a file using your web browser (and a web server hosting the page).

Linux: get info about notebook battery

Below you can find a very simple shell script that gets information about every battery present in your notebook and shows a summary. create a new file (es: /usr/local/bin/  paste inside the new file the following code

save the file make the file executable (es: chmod +x /usr/local/bin/ use the script (from a terminal  execute: /usr/local/bin/ […]

Automatic Wpa Supplicant restart

If wifi connection used by your Linux box is not stable and goes up&down, with wpa_supplicant requiring some manual restart you could use a simple script that does it for you. Below you can find a script i’m using on a RaspberryPi 3 with Raspian installed.

Remember to use a value for WLAN corresponding to you wifi […]

Slackware: keep Gradle up-to-date

Using AndroidStudio to develop mobile apps requires you to always have an updated installation of  Gradle, doing so on a Slackware system could lead to quite a lot of manual work. To help me in the process i created a small tool that on its own downloads and makes a Gradle Slackware package (thanks to these SlackBuilds). To use […]

Linux: change temporary directory for Android Studio

Using Android Studio the directory used by the system to store temporary files (the default one is /tmp) could be filled by many (big) files, in order to limit this behaviour you can choose another directory to be used by the IDE. To do so you could launch the IDE every time with the following commands (in […]