Slackware64-current: GkSu-Polkit

If your system is running  Slackware64-current and you need to use   e GkSu here you can find the precompiled package gksu-polkit, which is gksu using  PolicyKit as backend.

The packages doesn’t contain any other library or dependency, look for them in the official Slackware repository or  SlackBuilds.

GkSu-Polkit packages is available (with other packages too) here.

WordPress Custom Mime Types

WordPress Media Library doesn’t allow you to upload any file you want, you are limited to a small set of types.

With the plugin “WordPress Extra File Types” you extend the default list of file types adding more than 680 extensions, presented and selectable in a dedicated administration page found under “Settings” menu.

Download .

– ver 0.3.0: added .dot extension and a new admin section that gives administrators a way to configure their own extra file types
– ver 0.2.4: removed .bid, added .bld
– ver 0.2.3: added .m4r file type
– ver 0.2.2: added .bid file type
– ver 0.2.1:  added .msp and .msu file types

– ver 0.2 : added 687 file extensions, added administration page
– ver 0.1 : initial release, file extensions supported .txt,
.7z, .bz2, .gz, .tgz, .txt, .xz, .zip

WordPress auto update for plugins and themes

Last releases of WordPress now allow the core to be fully auto-updated without spending time in manual operations. The same is not valid for themes and plugins, in fact you have to manually add code to enable this very useful feature for them.

Here you can find a simple plugin that do this for you.

Download .

WordPress Plugins

Here you can find a list of WordPress Plugins i’ve found useful.

  • Advanced Custom Fields : create/modify custom fields to be used in pages and posts
  • Google Tag Manager : simply include and configure google tag manager in your pages
  • Shareaholic : insert social buttons in the pages 
  • W3 Total Cache : contents and objects caching
  • WordPress SEO : boost your ranking in search engines by using the right keywords … just follow tips and analysis made by the plugin
  • WP-Optimize : database optimization
  • WP Super Cache : make your wordpress as fast as a static web site by creating html files of every page/post.

PHP Date

This PHP class let you manage dates, time intervals, timezone conversions and format conversions.

Format supported are 3:
– “db”  : yyyy-mm-dd
– “ita” :  gg-mm-yyyy
– “iso” : yyyy-mm-ddThh:MM:ss.000

This class contains also methods to use when your PHP installation is using 32bit integers and so you can fall in the “year 2038 bug”, now allowing you to work on dates after year 2038 using internal functions. The native functions re-implemented as class methods are:
– date()
– strtotime()
– time()


PhalconPHP: SQL Server Connector

During the developing of a PhalconPHP based web application i had the necessity  (it was a project constraint) to use MS SQL Server as database.

I started looking around the web and i jumped into this project, but using it i had some problem with pdo_sqlsrv driver and i had to create something (not so much) different.

The result is a couple of classes heavily based on the original ones.


PHP Mail

During my daily life as web developer i’ve always had the necessity to send email using PHP, after some time using PHPMailer i decided to create a wrapper (very simple) to it in order to:

  • parse template files containing markers to create dynamic html content to use as email’s body
  • send emails without having to createexplicitly an instance of PHPMailer’s main class

Download here.