Manage D-Link DCS-960L motion detection using a RaspberryPi

Installing and configuring a surveillance camera is becoming an operation very easy and very common, strong technical skills are not required anymore. The question is: can we control a “home camera”  with our RaspberryPi ? The short answer is: YES ! I’ll show how to use the RaspberryPi to control, using jus the linux shell, a D-Link DCS-960L .

How to delete Gradle cache files

If, like me, you are having troubles compiling projects (also Android Studio ones) after having upgraded Gradle you can try to delete cache files. I’m assuming you are working on a Linux box and that your Android projects are saved inside  ~/AndroidStudioProjects/ How to delete general caches:

How to delete Android Studio caches:

I …

Android icons creation tool

Are you developing an Android application and have you to convert an image to a set of icons ? Do you want to avoid as much as possible repetitive manual operations ? Here you can find a tool to convert a single image to the set of icons needed by Android for various device screen …

Force using gtk3 when building software in systems with both gtk2 and gtk3

Do you have both gtk2 che gtk3 installed on your Slackware box and sometimes gtk3 based programs compilation fails because the building script can’t find the right version of the library? If the answer to the question is “Yes” maybe you can find a solution to your problem using the following trick.

Linux: read files created on OsX using Pages

Do you need to open and read on your Linux box  files generated on Mac OsX using Pages? Below how i’m doing it. create file /usr/local/bin/pages edit /usr/local/bin/pages and inserte the following code

at line 2 insert the full path of your favorite pdf viewer make executable the newly created file ( chmod +x …

Slackware: CentOS linux container

If you need to create a CentOS based linux container on your Slackware here you can find how i’ve made it. Before you start (re)compile your kernel including every config option needed to have lxc-checkconfig output “enable” in each line. (re)compile your kernel to add support for “networking bridge” update rpm package using the one …