PHP – file encryption/decryption

To have some sort of privacy while sending/receiving messages (or files) using encryption is the first choice. Below you can find a very simple PHP web application that allows you to encrypt/decrypt a file using your web browser (and a web server hosting the page).

WP-Disk-Free: WordPress free disk space checker

To monitor free disk space on a server hosting a WordPress website i created a new plugin, a sort of clone of the unix command df,  called WP-Disk-Free. This plugin allow you to: define in the Settings page minimum free disk space  (MB) to use as a warning quota receive an email, sent to a […]

PHP: container for values and objects

Using the class  \Airaghi\Tools\Container it’s  possibile to share between your scripts (inside a single execution flow) values and objects reference without having to use global variables. The class has methods for: – saving and getting values – saving and getting objects references – deleting of values stored – deleting of stored references The code is available here.

PhalconPHP: alternative way to use Oracle11g

Develpoing a new website based on PhalconPHP i tried to use Oracle11g as database, but in the process i had some problem. Searching the web for solutions i read about some problem with the native Oracle PDO driver, so i tried “pdo-via-oci8” by Arjay Angeles . As done for MSSQL i tried to create an new Adapter and a new Dialect to let me use pdo-via-oci8 inside my PhalconPHP-based application. What […]

PHP Date

This PHP class let you manage dates, time intervals, timezone conversions and format conversions. Format supported are 3: – “db”  : yyyy-mm-dd – “ita” :  gg-mm-yyyy – “iso” : yyyy-mm-ddThh:MM:ss.000 This class contains also methods to use when your PHP installation is using 32bit integers and so you can fall in the “year 2038 bug”, now […]

PhalconPHP: SQL Server Connector

During the developing of a PhalconPHP based web application i had the necessity  (it was a project constraint) to use MS SQL Server as database. I started looking around the web and i jumped into this project, but using it i had some problem with pdo_sqlsrv driver and i had to create something (not so much) different. The result […]