Manage D-Link DCS-960L motion detection using rfid tokens

After having presented RFIDer and after having show you a simple shell script to control motion detecion of a D-Link DCS-960L, i want to describe how to merge those two programs in order to enable/disable motion detection using rfid tokens and a rfid reader. As usually i’m using a RaspberryPI as a central unit.

RFIDer: tool to get data from a rfid reader

For a home automation project i had to connect a rdif reader (this one) to a Raspberry Pi 3 and then have the system execute a program each time a token is read by the reader:RFIDer is the tool i developed to do this job. RFIDer sources (GPLv3 license) are available, but you can also find precompiled binaries  for some platform. Once compiled …