Slackware: keep Gradle up-to-date

Using AndroidStudio to develop mobile apps requires you to always have an updated installation of  Gradle, doing so on a Slackware system could lead to quite a lot of manual work. To help me in the process i created a small tool that on its own downloads and makes a Gradle Slackware package (thanks to these SlackBuilds). To use […]

Skype4Slackware : a Skype packager for Slackware

Microsoft makes packages of “Skype For Linux” only in .deb and .rpm format. If you want to use them on Slackware you have, every time, to download the file,  convert it into a native package and install it. Can we execute this procedure using a tool that requires only to be launched ? The answer is simple : YES. See how to […]

Slackware: CentOS linux container

If you need to create a CentOS based linux container on your Slackware here you can find how i’ve made it. Before you start (re)compile your kernel including every config option needed to have lxc-checkconfig output “enable” in each line. (re)compile your kernel to add support for “networking bridge” update rpm package using the one […]

Dukto – Multiplatform AirDrop

If you are looking for a AirDrop multiplatform replacement you can give a chance to Dukto ! It offers: – multiplatform support (Windows, Linux, Mac OSX) – simple text quick exchange – simple clipboard contentquick exchange – simple filequick exchange (select you file or use drag&drop) – simple directoryquick exchange (select your directory or use drag&drop) The application can be used to […]

Polkit extra actions: run useful graphical applications as root on Slackware

During my daily programming activities i have to run, as root, some applications, even if i am logged in as a normal user, which make use of a gui (most of the times based on gtk) and this can be a problem using pkexec program-name due to the default policy of Polkit that disable support […]

Slackware64-current: GkSu-Polkit

If your system is running  Slackware64-current and you need to use   e GkSu here you can find the precompiled package gksu-polkit, which is gksu using  PolicyKit as backend. The packages doesn’t contain any other library or dependency, look for them in the official Slackware repository or  SlackBuilds. GkSu-Polkit packages is available (with other packages […]