WordPress – Plugin to manage robots.txt

To have a simple and quick management tool to edit robots.txt in a WordPress website i realized this plugin that allows you to: add extra content to default robots.txt totally overwrite default robots.txt Plugin can be download from https://www.wordpress.org/plugins/robots-txt-quick-editor/

WP-Disk-Free: WordPress free disk space checker

To monitor free disk space on a server hosting a WordPress website i created a new plugin, a sort of clone of the unix command df,  called WP-Disk-Free. This plugin allow you to: define in the Settings page minimum free disk space  (MB) to use as a warning quota receive an email, sent to a …

WordPress Custom Mime Types

WordPress Media Library doesn’t allow you to upload any file you want, you are limited to a small set of types. With the plugin “WordPress Extra File Types” you extend the default list of file types adding more than 680 extensions, presented and selectable in a dedicated administration page found under “Settings” menu. Download . …

WordPress auto update for plugins and themes

Last releases of WordPress now allow the core to be fully auto-updated without spending time in manual operations. The same is not valid for themes and plugins, in fact you have to manually add code to enable this very useful feature for them. Here you can find a simple plugin that do this for you. Download .

WordPress Plugins

Here you can find a list of WordPress Plugins i’ve found useful. Advanced Custom Fields : create/modify custom fields to be used in pages and posts Google Tag Manager : simply include and configure google tag manager in your pages Shareaholic : insert social buttons in the pages  W3 Total Cache : contents and objects caching WordPress …